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The Curse of Double-Digit Growth

Publicado na Havard Business Review em 02/09/2013.

Liberia wants fast growth in order to solidify its social and political advances. Problem is, says Eric D. Werker, countries growing that quickly “are not unequivocally a club that one should strive to join.”

by Kim Girard

Double-digit long-term growth might justify bragging rights for any country. But a turbocharged GDP comes at a price, says Eric D. Werker, an associate professor in the Business, Government and International Economy unit at Harvard Business School.

“Countries that attained double-digit growth are not unequivocally a club that one should strive to join,” writes Werker in his April 2013 working paper, Learning from Double-Digit Growth Experiences, published by the International Growth Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Werker, who serves as economic advisor to Liberian president and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a 1971 graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, wrote the policy memorandum at the request of the Liberian government, which seeks fast growth of its own. To cement political and social stability, Liberia wants to rise from its current status as a low-income country to a middle-income one by 2030.

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